Work and Travel is an edcultural exchane program addressed to students from all over the world.The main goal of it is to learn about American culture and traditions, as well as improve language skills. Participants of the program also have an opportunity to work. This is the most important difference between Work and Travel and other educational programs. Each year about ten thousand polish students go to the USA with Work and Travel. This makes the program the most popular in Poland.

“Work and Travel changed my life completely. It enabled me to expand my horizons and to meet people from all over the world. My biggest wish came true and I saw The Grand Canyon in Colorado” – says one of the participants of the program.

With Work and Travel each participant can spend up to 4 months in the USA working legally, visiting the most interesting places in the country and fulfilling their AMERICAN DREAM.

To organize the program, The West Choice cooperates with the American organization Greenheart Exchange – this is an American sponsor of the program. Designated by the US Department of State, Greenheart issues students the DS2019 document which is a prerequisite for obtaining a J1 visa allowing legal employment in the US.

You can find more details about Greenheart Exchange on their website:


If you

  • be at least 18 years old
  • have a status of a full-time student (students on dean’s leave are not eligible for the program),
  • communicate in English fluently,
  • submit the relevant documents and pay the fees within the prescribed time.

If you meet all the requirements above – You are eligible to participate in the program and spend next summer visiting America. Simple, right?



When you participate with the Work and Travel program, you are guaranteed a job placement in the tourism and catering sector. That means you can work as a waiter, barista, a person helping to keep order in a hotel (housekeeping). Many participants also have a chance to work in an American amusement park, to operate some of the fastest and largest rollercoasters in the world.

Can you swim and water is almost your natural environment? You can work as a lifeguard at a  swimming pool or at the water rides in the amusement parks.

It’s your choice!



If you want to apply for the program you must have:
  • certificate from the university that will confirm your student status
  • passport (valid until at least May 2023)
  • application card, contract, and application – we will make it available to you at the office
  • visa / ID / passport photo
  • for foreigners studying in Poland: additionally, we need a copy of your visa or residence card (the document should be valid at least until the end of September 2023).

When you come in to sign the contract, we will let you know when to you will need to provide the above documents.




Amount date of payment method of payment
Application fee 1290 PLN up to two days after signing the contract On the PLN account provided in the contract
Program fee 1495 USD up to 30 days after signing the contract On the USD account provided in the contract
Sevis Fee 35 USD up to 30 days after signing the contract On the USD account provided in the contract
Visa fee 160 USD before the visa interviev To the account given by the American Embassy
Ticket fee according to the booking conditions according to the booking conditions On the PLN account provided in the contract

We provide:

  • a job offer from an American employer
  • full medical insurance in accordance with the requirements of the US Department of State
  • access to the employers’ database as well as participation in the Job Fair with employers from the USA
  • English language interview
  • document DS2019 that leads to a visa (it allows you to apply for a J1 visa and legally work in the US)
  • obligatory entry into the SEVIS system
  • assistance with the visa procedure.

We will give you all the tips you need to complete the visa application! Including:

  • Submitting your application to the Embassy
  • Arranging a conversation with the consul
  • Helping you prepare for the visa interview and;
  • We will personally accompany to the Embassy on the day of your appointment!
  • Help and Care from Greenheart Exchange in the USA
  • Pre-departure training


  • Transfer from the US airport to your American place of work
  • Cost of accommodation and meals in the USA (unless the contract with the employer guarantees otherwise)
  • Pocket money, which you should have with you when flying to the USA (according to legal requirements, minimum 1000 USD).

Application procedure


  1. Contact our office, select an offer, pass the English test
  2. Sign the contract and pay the application fee.
  3. Deliver the required documents to the office. Complete the online application. Check the expiration date of your passport.
  4. Pay the program fee – must be in dollars to the account specified in the contract.
  5. Mandatory Attendance at the Job Fair – employers from the USA come to Poland, and we organize your meeting in Lublin. The fair is a chance to get to know your employer personally before you leave for the US. We will inform you about the place and time in advance.
  6. Signing the contract with an employer.
  7. Submission of visa documents at the office.
  8. Purchase of an plane ticket. If you want to go with your friends – it’s not a problem. Plan your journey well. This will help you to avoid additional costs connected with a possible change of a plane ticket.
  9. Pre-departure training – we will inform you about the exact time of training in advance.

The most important thing during the entire application process is that you regularly check your e-mail. We will pass most of the information to you this way.