Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can a foreign student studying in Poland participate in Work and Travel?
    • Yes, the only additional condition for participation in the program is to provide a copy of your current visa or residence card.
  2. At what level should I know English to be able to participate in the program?
    • You will work in an English speaking environment. You must be able to communicate with no major problems.
  3. Can I be on Dean’s leave and participate in the program?
    • Unfortunately, no, people on dean’s leave are not eligible for the program.
  4. I am a graduate student. Can I participate in the program?
    • If you are a graduate student you can be part of Summer Work and Travel Program.
  5. If I’m under 18, can I participate in the program?
    • At the time of the visa interview (usually April / May), you must be at least 18 years old.
  6. Is working in the US legal and what about medical insurance?
    • Work and Travel participants work legally in the US. They are also subject to medical insurance, which is in line with the requirements of the US Department of State.
  7. Is it possible to defend a BA thesis before going to the USA?
    • At the time of the visa interview, you must have ‘Student Status’, an index and a valid student ID.
  8. When does the recruitment for the program end?
    • We will start recruiting in autumn and it will last until the end of March. The sooner you come to us, the more job offers you can choose from. You also have more time to pay your departure fees.
  9. Is it possible to sign up for the online program?
    • Yes of course. However, we must have the originals of your documents – you can send them through the post to us.
  10. What is the earliest date I can start working? Until when can I work?
    • Participants of the study program in Poland may start working in the US at the earliest on May 25 and NO later than September 25. Most job offers, however, begin around June 15 and end in mid-September. Most employers require participants to be available for a minimum of 3 months.
  11. I would like to go to the USA with my friends. Is this possible?
    • No problem. Remember, the the sooner you come to us – the better your chances of working for the same employer.
  12. What is Greenheart Exchange?
    • Greenheart Exchange is an American foundation that organizes the program. It has the permission of the US government to issue the document DS2019, under which you can apply for a visa J1. Greenheart Exchange also supervises students in the USA.
  13. Why are Job Fairs so important?
    • The Job Fair is a personal meeting with the employer. It gives you the chance to get to know your “boss” before flying to the USA. Should you choose a job offer earlier, it will be confirmed at the Fair. Attendance is mandatory!
    • People who sign up for the program after the Fair, go through an interview with an employer on Skype.
  14. What about accommodation? Where will I live?
    • The vast majority of employers provide accommodation for program participants. Rent is usually around 100USD per week. Students usually live in double rooms and the apartments are equipped with basic appliances (washing machine, fridge, stove, furniture, etc.).
  15. Will The West Choice help in booking and purchasing the flight ticket?
    • Yes, our office also guarantees assistance in the purchase of a plane ticket.

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